Source: The Crinklaw Families in the United States and Canada: A Record of the Descendants of James Crinklaw, 1777 of Roxburghshire, Scotland and Robert Crinklaw, 1791 of Chatton, Northumberland, England, compiled by George Fraser from 1972-1975; Birth Record of Elizabeth Crinklaw (Scotland).

"How lovely, Nith, thy fruitful vales,

Where bounding hawthorns gaily bloom,

And sweetly spread thy sloping dales,

Where lambkins wanton thro' the broom!"

Robert Burns       Scottish Poet      (1759-1796)

Genealogy Listing of Family #3 

Family #3: Elizabeth Crinklaw Stephenson/Stevenson (1807 Scotland-1893 Nebraska) Family: Elizabeth (Betty) Crinklaw in 1836 married James Stephenson/Stevenson (1810 Scotland-1880 Nebraska).  Children:

Elizabeth (Bruce) 1840-1898

Mary (Porterfield) 1842-1921

Margaret (Caddick; Lybolt) 1845-1902

Ellen (Everson) 1846-1924

Migration: To Southwestern Ontario, Canada 1833; 1890s British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Canada; Illinois 1864; Iowa 1871; Nebraska 1873; Washington State...