The Scottish Hill, Crink Law

See photographs of Crink Law, ancestral hill and homeland in Scotland from which the Crinklaw surname was derived.

Genealogy Update

Currently the earliest written record of Crinklaws in Scotland is of the marriage of Williame Crinkla and Jonet Broun in Kelso Parish, Roxburghshire in 1627.  The earliest record of the surname spelled as Crinklaw is on the baptism record of Richard Crinklaw, son of Jedion/Jedione Crinklaw (a miller) and his wife, in Jedburgh Parish in 1678.

The Crinklaw Families of North America

The Crinklaw families of North America have a complex, rich heritage that is very interesting, educational and fun to explore!  (Obtain for yourself free copies of two papers on the history of the Crinklaws in Scotland from 1500-1833, revised August 2012).  Remembering the 179th Anniversary (1833-2012) of the Crinklaw family's arrival in the London, Ontario, Canada area, as immigrants from Scotland, the Crinklaws of Canada send greetings to their Crinklaw cousins in the USA and throughout the world, that is, to the descendants of Elisabeth Watson Crinklaw and James Crinklaw, Sr., and of Janet Smith Crinklaw and James Crinklaw, Sr.

Additional Acknowledgements

We also send warm greetings to the Crinklaw and Crinkley families who are descendants of Robert, John, James and Andrew Crinklaw/Crinkley of Northumberland, England (possibly earlier of Hownam Parish, Roxburghshire, Scotland, and cousins of some nature to James Crinklaw, Sr.).  Likewise we send best wishes to the Watson-related families of distant cousins in Australia, in Ontario, Canada, and elsewhere, descendants of William Watson, brother of Elisabeth Watson Crinklaw, first wife of James Crinklaw, Sr.  We also send warm regards to the descendants in the USA, Scotland, Canada, and elsewhere of Christina (Crinklaw) Fleming (c. 1780 southern Scotland, perhaps Peebleshire-1868 Westminster Township, Middlesex Co., Ontario, Canada), wife of Walter Fleming (c. 1778 Scotland- c. 1836 Scotland).  Christena (Crinklaw) Fleming is a younger sister of James Crinklaw, Sr. and brought her family to Westminster Township a few years later than he did. We also send greetings to descendants in Scotland, England and elsewhere of Sarah Crinklaw (c. 1782 Roxburghshire, Scotland - c. 1845 Roxburghshire, Scotland, who lived in Lanton Village, Jedburgh Parish, Roxburghshire for many years), a recently discovered, younger sister of James and Christina Crinklaw.